Thursday, May 17, 2012

TDF New Roast Recipe!

I have a fairly new Gooseberry Patch cookbook "Super-Fast Slow Cooking." I haven't used it much but it's a great cookbook. Ryan started his week of night shift last night, so that means I've got to cook.

Colby Jane and I made a big grocery haul yesterday while the kids were gone. I wore her in the Moby. People here are just fascinated by baby-wearing. They've just never seen it I guess. I love it. It keeps people's hands off her, and more importantly, keeps her content. She usually goes right to sleep when I put her in it and sleeps the whole time I'm shopping.

Back to my recipe, I'm trying to cut out milk products right now because Colby Jane has had such a time with her belly, and colic. 5pm-9pm is no fun at our house, but she does really well when we are in public, so I think nobody believes me! Haha! All 3 of my kids have had the same temperament as babies. Once you got them settled, you better leave them alone or you'll be sorry! This recipe sounded so good, and just different. Not your run of the mill spaghetti. Here it is:

Italian Beef & Pasta
3-4 lb beef chuck roast
2 onions, sliced
13-1/4 oz can sliced mushrooms (I do not eat mushrooms so I omitted this)
2 (26 oz) jars marinara pasta sauce (I used storebrand spaghetti sauce)
2 tbsp zesty Italian salad dressing mix
16 oz pkg spaghetti, cooked

Combine all ingredients except spaghetti in a slow cooker. Cover and cook on low setting for 8 hours. Slice beef; spoon sauce over cooked pasta and serve beef on the side. Serves 8-10.

It did make a huge pot! I was cooking this for my family and another family from church that I was taking a meal to, so I added a large can of diced tomatoes to make more sauce. My house smelled so good, and the beef was so tender. Hope you enjoy!

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