Friday, September 18, 2009


Haven't posted in a while. Here is an update on the Waggoners.
Ryan is still in business for himself with RW Top Coat. Things are going pretty well, he is staying busy for the most part. If you need any painting or home improvement done, let him know!

I'm still working 4 days a week at Savannah Healthcare. My schedule has been crazy for the last month or so because we've had a few nurses leave and some out sick so everyone has been playing fruitbasket turnover with the schedule. I also have fallen off the Weight Watcher wagon. Don't know when I'll get back up on it. Just not motivated anymore, don't have time to think about it, and have NOT been in the mood to cook whatsoever.

Holt is still loving Love and Learn Preschool. There was an incident however last week while they were eating lunch. There was an uninvited guest under Holt's chair in the cafeteria: a (baby) garden snake! Needless to say, chaos ensued when it was discovered and we're still talking about snakes!

Lacey is sitting up and creeping around everywhere. She is getting up on all 4's and rocking, trying so hard to just full-out crawl. So sweet! We're still nursing. She's in that sweet phase where every so often, she'll pull off and look up at me and smile or giggle. I love it!