Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, here's my first post. Mom has been on me to start blogging so here goes. Today, we went on a little adventure to the library. They have story time every Friday at 10am during the summer. I tried my best to feed Lacey before we left, but she wouldn't have it. She is getting a little mind of her own these days. We get to the library, and Holt looks to be the youngest one, besides Lacey. There's about 10 kids. And guess who the presenter is! The park ranger featuring his (non-poisonous) snake. Oh joy. I hate snakes. Holt goes and pushes his way between 2 kids on the front row. He is mesmerized! The poor park ranger looked to be about 21-22, and Holt just stands up in the middle of his presentation and announces that he is going to name the snake Lightning McQueen. Of course, everyone snickers because this is so cute, but I know there's more to come. He sits down after the first outburst, and the ranger starts talking again. After a few sentences, Holt stands up again and asks where the snake's mommy is. The ranger fumbles through some answer, like "Oh well, she is, uh well," and Holt interrupts again and starts talking about the snake nonsensically. I intervene by sitting down on the floor with him, with Lacey in my lap. That lasts for about 10 minutes, long enough for the ranger to get through his part of the spill and ask for questions. Holt is restless by this time, and guess who's hungry now! So, we left storytime early, but Holt said all the way to the car that he had fun. I wanted to stay and let him check out a book to bring home about snakes, but maybe it's a good thing Lacey got hungry!

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  1. How funny Lizzy!!! I love it!!! This is a great way to "chronicle" all the cute and funny things these kids will say!!!