Friday, July 31, 2009

55 lbs to go!

Well, I bit the bullet this week and started Weight Watchers. I did it after Holt was born and lost about 35 pounds on it. It was easy, and I can actually say I enjoyed doing it. I like that it really makes you aware and accountable of everything you put in your mouth. You learn to fill up on satisfying foods, so unlike a lot of other diets, you're not always hungry.

Here are my goals: I want to lose a total of 55 pounds. I want to be on track so that I lose 10 lbs by Labor Day, 30 by Christmas, and 55 by next Easter. I don't know when Easter is, but I was afraid if I made it by our 5th wedding anniversary, which is March 5, that would be pushing it too much. I may adjust dates depending on how I do.

I am still exclusively breastfeeding Lacey, and plan to until she is at least a year old. They say that doing WW while breastfeeding really boosts your weightloss. I hope it does, and can't wait to weigh in next Monday night for the first time this go-around!

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  1. You will do great!! I admire how determined and methodical you are. I wish I were more that way. Good luck!!!
    love you !!